[11/07] Jung Min Updates his SINA Weibo

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AigOoOo, look how big Lapin has grown! Jung Min also updated his profile photo. The photo behind him looks like a puzzle. Now, why won't he update his Twitter account?

Credits to t.sina.com.cn/royalave + (English translation) ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com
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Wa~ow got a shock ~ kai xin~~ (happy~~) xia si lee~~~ (got frightened to death)~~~ There are so many fans of royal avenue's, kim gamsa's and mine in this mini blog^^ Alot more.. Ah and! I miss you too ~ Show more of your love to Royal Avenue ~ And to our Lapin carrot too !
@ July 11, 20:21

Ended a happy weekend already ~ What did you do over weekends? Beginning tomorrow it will be a new week ne, everyone jia you (fighting)!! (p.s: If you have time, please come to Royal Avenue often and play *^^*)
@ July 11, 23:58

Happy weekend is over ~ what did u do in these days? tomorrow is a new start of one week, everybody~ JIA YOU!!(p.s: if u have time~~Remember to come to Royal Avenue and meet us*^^*)
@ July 11, 23:58

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