Choreographer Choi Him Chan talks about training Hyun Joong

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Male lead of Muse musical "SACHOOM" -- Choi Him Chan

[Q] You were once the choreographer for famous idol groups like DBSG, Super Junior, SS501 etc. Who can dance the best? Who's the hardest to teach?

[A] I like DBSG's U-Know's dancing very much, when he dances, he's just so full of passion, and every step of his is so sharp and agile. Super Junior Dong Hae's passion and zealousy for dancing makes me feel really in awe. I'm not as passionate as he is. He is always wondering about how well he danced, every time we meet, he will ask me for opinions, he's one of the most passionate dancer I've ever seen.

The hardest to teach is SS501 Kim HyunJoong. Because he's too into rock, before I even knew him, he's never danced before. I still remember there was once we spent a total of 3 months practising the basic cheoreography steps "Up & Down bounce". But, his stage presence is already enough to cover all that flaws he has on stage.

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