"Mischievous Kiss" Female Lead is still a Mystery

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Aigoo, no one wants to kissu wuri Hyun Joong? (kekeke) He's got the most kissable lips according to some survey, right? Sorry for my ignorance, but why does it seem like a lot of Leader fans are happy that Park Sin Hye is out of the derby?

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Amidst confirmations with male lead already decided for Kim Hyun Joong, intense interest over MBC drama 'Playful kiss' female lead has also been on the rise by the day.

In the beginning, Park BoYoung, Park ShinHye, KARA's Han Seung Yeon, f(x) Sulli etc were said to be the considered nominees, but later on it was said that these all have already been eliminated from the female lead choice due to each's reasons. After Park Bo Young had confirmed her final choice, it seems like there has to be another eager round of searching to be done. However Group Eight has revealed that for the remaining 3 nominees - Park ShinHye, Han Seung Yeon and Sulli, though all of them had underwent serious considerations and observations, they are still eliminated eventually from the list as female lead.

Right now, potentially considered nominees include Park Eun Bin who began as a child actress. She has had starred in 'The Legend', 'Queen Seonduk'. Not just Park Eun Bin, but Jung So Min who has starred across in SBS drama "Bad Guy" as "Mo Nae" is currently being considered, too.

However, because 'Playful kiss' is decided to take on the spot after 'Road Number 1' (in around Sept), right after female lead has been decided for, they will head straight for shooting, which makes it a very urged shooting scheduling. They are now quickening their steps in deciding for the female lead.

'Playful kiss' will be produced by Group Eight who has produced numerous dramas like 'Goong' and 'Boys over Flowers' etc. It was adapted from the same titled manga which has sold over 27 million copies in Japan.

This drama is scheduled to be aired after MBC Wed-Thurs drama 'Road Number One'.

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