[14/01] JeaJoong and Kim Hyun-Joong Trip to Canada

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Credits to Korean Daily News + (English Translation) Junsulv @ OneTVXQ.com

Singers, Kim Hyun-Joong and JaeJoong went for a trip to Canada together. JaeJoong and Kim Hyun-Joong are traveling around the Vancouver and whole area of Canada from January 9th and spend the first holiday of the New Year there.

It seem that this trip was performed since Kim Hyun-Joong heard the news that Hero Jeajoong was planning to pursue a trip to Canada to enjoy and rest from the work. And Hyun-Joong wanted to go together with Hero. As for Jaejoong, he is traveling with few acquaintances and Kim Hyun-Joong appearance reflected on traveling alone.

The aide of two of them had described that, "Kim Jaejoong and Kim Hyun-Joong progressed a kind of relationship model of being-"younger and older brother". If there is a spare time, they meet up often and it is described that they introduce each other’s acquaintances which expands their acquaintances even more together.

Jaejoong visited Australia recently and right after his return to Korea, he faced toward Canada immediately. The reason of the trip is to rest from the hard work he had done in the past, last Decembers fan meeting plus multiple activities in Japan. Kim Hyun-Joong also worked hard both as an actor and a singer and left a good result last year, and the time to heal fatigue was necessary.

The aid mentioned that they were surprised to hear the news that the fans witness two of them being together in Vancouver, Canada. The news seems to be shown that the fans felt that it was unique that a member of TVXQ and SS501, two representative stars of Korea went for a trip together.

The aid also mentioned that two of them sent a message to the fans to say…..,

“We met some Canadian fans and they encouraged us and we were really happy to see them!”

(*Message sent to the fans from JJ & HJ. They specifically asked the aid to deliver their message to the newspaper editor. So that the fans would know that they were encouraged and happy.
Yep they love overseas fans as much as they love Korean, Japanese, China and Asian fans!)

Kim Jaejoong and Kim Hyun-Joong are going to go back to their own country around January 16th.

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