[ENG TRANS] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Basic House” interview cut @ Section TV

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English Translation:

MC: Today the female star we will be seeing is this lady.

Narration: Always attempt to change, appears in TV drama, Variety show, CF, young stylish artist Yoon Eun Hye

MC: Now, the male star we are going to see is…

Narration: Bring up the Flower boy trend, alarm of the JiHoo disease, Four Dimensional off tone flower boy, Multi-talented performer Kim Hyun Joong.

Narration: Heard that they will be meeting up today so we find them. However, we feel that the atmosphere is not very normal. Oh…

Eun Hye: Meeting the first time seems very shy.

Hyun Joong: Very shy… feel embarrassed.

MC: Let’s follow me and see if they can be more close. Don’t go away.

(Q: The two with great fashion style, what is today’s main theme?)

MC: Are you two shooting a fashion advertisement? This time the fashion style is very different..

Hyun Joong: yea.. is coupled style.

MC: really?

Hyun Joong: She is very suitable for Campus Style fashion.

Eun Hye: For this kind of style. He is very fit because he looks like a little prince.

MC: Back and forth like this … you two’s good words can brighten up 2010.

Eun Hye: To be honest, this is the first time we are having conversation like this

Narration: The two people who are shooting close like a pair of couple. However, when during the resting time, they will be like this.

OH.. what should I do? what should I do? (Hyun Joong thinking)

Seems like these two need me to make them more closer to each other.

MC: Now we got a chance for you two to look eyes to eyes with each other even for a while.

Eun Hye: What’s happening?

MC: No. Too unfamiliar to each other… The interview still have three papers to go…

MC: One, Two, Three

(Because of Si Qi, the embarrassment is gone)

(Q: Very suitable for special style fashion?)

MC: What kind of special style fashion you have been introduced?

Eun Hye: The recent one was not wearing any clothing. (shy, embarrassed)

(The attractive body and the sexy pose became a hot topic)

Narration: Even women will think her sexy, make people jealous of her sexy body, Yoon Eun Hye

(Q: Which Baby Vox’s members you like most?)

MC: What to ask Hyun Joong. Baby Vox have five members, right? Who is the one you like most?

(Expecting The answer of 4th dimensional flower boy Kim Hyun Joong is?)

Hyun Joong: I love Fin K.L. more

(Q: Which SS501’s members you like most?)

MC: you are also singer. Which SS501’s members you like most?

Narration: So what is Yoon Eun Hye’s answer?

Eun Hye: Me? I love 2PM more.

(Q: The song “Dash Girl” have been a hot topic?)

MC: I really love the song “Dash Girl”

Eun Hye: You know this song?

MC: Of course I know.

Eun Hye: Then you sing a little

(Look Like a frozen Si Qi)

MC: I suddenly can’t remember. Maybe you can sing for us

(Still not rusty Eun Hye’s singing strength)

Hyun Joong; I have listened to this song. Because of her great handle of the featuring, make this song even more wonderful.

(Hyun Joong’s admiration make the atmosphere very warm)

MC: Oh…

Eun Hye: I feel all of them.

MC: If you two can talk something like this privately will be so great.

Eun Hye: Talk like this when first met?

MC: Acting as a rich people in the drama, right?

Narration: Yoon Eun Hye acted as a regal heir in the drama “Lady Castle” is a princess with lots of people given to her.

(Q: What is the aftermath when the drama ended?)

MC: So when the drama ended, there will be lots of aftermath, right?

Hyun Joong: Like the high price motorcycle hat… After coming back acting as Yoon Ji HOO for five months, feel myself very shabby.

MC: so is Eun Hye also feeling the same big different afterward?

Eun Hye: I actually don’t have this kind of feeling. Only my legs feel very painful after wearing high heel walking for a long period. I even think I am living very comfortably.

(Q: If you two acting in a drama together?)

MC: If you two acting in a drama together?

Hyun Joong: Between man and woman? So is a story between man and woman.

Eun Hye: I am pretty scare of idol group now. I can see that he is good. I think his fans should be very nice also.

MC: So are you too become more familiar now? Please tell the truth.

Hyun Joong and Eun Hye togther: Yes.

MC: So speaking the same together. thank you.

Eun Hye: If not, you will continue asking us.

(Eun Hyu is very familiar with our Section Matchmaker Si Qi)


Eun Hye: Now the weather is very cold. Please take care of yourself.

Hyun Joong: As SS501 as Kim Hyun Joong, I will give all of you a even better and colorful side.

MC: Everybody.

Hyun Joong and Eun Hye: Everybody Happy New Year.

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