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Original message:

규종 : 잘 들 지내는지..^^ (2010-01-14 오후 5:08:16)

시간은 참 빠르네
돌리려고 해도 돌아가지 않지..^^ ㅎ
벌써 1월 중순이다~
다들 새해 잘 보내고있지?
시간은 흘러가잖아..ㅎ
잡을 수 없지..그러니까 늘 새해 이맘떄쯤 될떄마다 하는 말이지만
하고싶은 거 해야하는 거 ^^ 꼭 기억하면서 하루하루보내기~
연말되고 새해될때..성적올랐다는 편지 학교 합격했다는 편지 입사했다는 편지..
받으면 얼마나 기분이 좋은데 ..^^
알았지?! 가족들 친구들도 잘 챙기고 새해 안부 인사 안한사람있나 꼼꼼히 생각해보구~
안녕안녕 난 오랜만에 긴긴 휴식 보내려구 안녕안녕
늦게나마 gossip girl 에 푹 빠져서 밤새 보고있지..
잠시나마 어딘가에 푹 빠진다는건 참 괜찮은거 같아..^^

English translation:

Kyujong: Have you been good? .. ^ ^ (5:08:16 PM 2010-01-14)

Time really passes quickly and there’s no turning back haha ^^
It’s already the middle of January
Did you have a good new year?
Time is moving right?
There’s no way to catch it. Therefore when it’s the New Year, feel these words
As each day passes, keep in mind the things you feel like doing and things you have to do
As we cross over to the new year [guess he is referring to the Lunar New Year], some of you may receive your report cards, letter of employment or other things of this nature. If you received these the feeling will be super … ^^
Do you know, family and friends are preparing for the New Year. Those who have not been asking after the health & safety of others, should you not start thinking about it?
Bye bye bye bye ~ I’m getting ready to enjoy overdue long holiday ~ bye bye bye bye
Later will be basking in gossip girl to past the night ..
That’s all for now, no matter where it should not be a bad thing… ^^

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