SS501 Park Jung Min's First Choice in Episode One of Life Theater 2010

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The translator only did the part on the the first episode’s content.

Credits to 뉴스엔 + (Chinese Translation) LOVE小馬馬@NO.43 Park + (English Translation)

This time the ‘Life Theater 2010′ is more like a separate program, closer to the TV drama. So, it will even using a more higher point in life, changing the perspective to share with audience with smiling and touching.

Program topics are different each time.

In Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries are having the highest popularity, Korean star Park Jung Min through the ‘Life Theater 2010′ will take off in his role as a idol, transform into the perfect actor. Let us expect, through the musical ‘Grease’ of his acting to be ensured, how to portray the face of all kinds of diverse life then?

Carrying a variety of life and emotions, ‘Life Theater 2010′ initial run will begin with main character Park Jung Min winning a billion lottery. Will not telling anyone close to him the winning of lottery and take away all the money alone or tell the news to everyone for them to share the happiness? Young Park Jung Min will be placed between these two choices.

His choice and life will be air on January 21st at 12:00am (20th midnight).

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