A chance for all 4 "Hanazawa Rui" to appear for Hunan TV's chinese new yr program?

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Remember that post I made two days ago about the 4 Hanazawa Rui's? Uhm... so the rumours are true that Hunan TV is indeed trying to get these four guys. 80% for Hyun Joong? I'm still not buying it. I've been singed with that year-end hullabaloo (have pity on those TripleS girls who went through a wild goose chase). 

Click on the link above for the news source. There are photos of the boys, too.

Earlier after the announcement of the popular auntie susan chang sha to spend the new year together, now Hunan TV's chinese new year program revealed that there's chance to see the 4 Hanazawa Rui of Boys over flower from Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China at the program. This is one historic remix version of "beautiful boys" all together.

No matter is Japan, Korea or Taiwan, China,. the 4 handsome idol group will always create a wave of beautiful boys. Kim Hyun Joong , Oguri Shun, zai zai, 俞灏明, the various version of the " Hanazawa Rui" is even more the idol in many girls' hearts. Earlier the production team had indicated interest to bring in these 4 popular guys to gather for the program on 7th February night and now they are trying hard to get in touch with the 4 actors. If this performance make true, it will definitely make all the fans really happy.

From the possibilty, 俞灏明 who is from Hunan itself, the chances of appearing is almost 100%. KIm Hyun Joong who belongs to the popular idol band SS501, and earlier had before rumored to invite SS501 as performing guests for the night so the chances is about 80%. For Oguri Shun, who was also once a popular Japanese star but had no news of having expand his career into China as yet, the chances of him coming is only about 40%. The last is zai zai zhou yu min who perhaps gave us the deepest impression of hanazawa rui. But this hanazawa rui 's appearance is hard. His scandal with zeng baoyi is predicted that he might not have the energy to concentrate on his work so the chances is only 50%. If zaizai really appear in Hunan, there sure to have many interrgations from various press.

So from the possibility, the 4 hanazawa rui to appear is about 70% chances but the chances of all 4 appearing stil have chances. On the event that night, we will know it all

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