[06/10] Hyung Jun's message at the Japan official site

This message is actually accessible to members only, but since the contents is not really something most fans don't know, I'd post it here.

Credits to (Screen capture) 870803.net + (English translation) OnlyJun (kimhyungjun.net)

Hello. This is Kim Hyung Jun.
Firstly I am very happy to be able to have such a cool Japan Homepage site to greet everyone.
Everyone is encountering happy things right? That is because I did my prayers. Hoping that everyone only encounters happy things.
Now I am able to interact with Japanese fans here, I can also share my recent updates frequently.

I, recently, have been busy practising for musical "cafe in".
I’m also continuing my work as DJ for "Kim Hyung Jun’s Music High"
MC too.. Spending time with really tight schedules ^_^

Soon after, I may be able to meet everyone via the musical
Please give me your unreserved love and your unreserved attention
Mina-san~ Aishitemasu Iiyoumemida Kudasai ^^ Ja Ne
(Japanese for Everyone~ I love you. Sweet dreams ^^ Bye)

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