[28/08] SS501 Park Jung Min, the first appearance on the 30th after new agency transfer

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5 male idol group SS501′s member Park Jung Min stands for the first time in public after transfer agency.

Park Jung Min will be attending the official launch ceremony of the new agency CNR media to be held at undisclosed place somewhere in Gangnam, Seoul on the 30th afternoon.

This is Park Jung Min’s public appearance for the first time since the official transfer agency announced first show up. This is the reasons for people’s attention of this event.

Park Jung Min’s New agency, CNR Media created collaborated by Ritz comic drama production company in Taiwan and South Korea’s Roy Media as foreign corporation company is expected to help Park Jung Min’s aggressive activities in Asia.

Agency officials said “For Park Jung Min’s future domestic as well as, to undertake more aggressive activities in Asia.” and “the big goal is to have a firm position in Asia.”

-Omitted the all-known fact of SS501 others members-

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