[01/09] Park Jung Min hug Angie Chai, Practicing mandarin for come back

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Credits to news.chinatimes.com + (English Translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

Park Jung Min officially signed his management contract with CNR Media. This company is a joint venture of Taiwan 'Mother of Idol Drama' Josie Chai together wtih Korea Manangement company. He is listed as their key person to groom. His company will combine their resources in Taiwan, Korea and Japan to support him. He has to study Mandarin everyday and they have also hired the same fitness trainer of Super Junior for him, hoping that he will come back with the best condition.

After going solo, Park Jung Min has received a lot of clothing advertisement offers. However, since he has also started his own internet ladies clothing brand 'Royal Avenue' and there is possibilities of adding on male clothing series in future. Due to that, he could only rejected the million dollar endorsement contract.

He also said, other than releasing a mini album soon, he will also meet with SS501 member and will give priority for group performance, hoping his fans to keep in anticipation.

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