[29/08] Hyung Jun's FanMeet in Singapore - Pretty Boy

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It is by chance that our group has met these awesome Pretty Boy fans. My dongsaengs know a little bit of Korean and they know a little bit of English. And so the chicken and the duck talking to each other ensued yesterday. We have actually met them at the hotel lobby when Hyung Jun arrived and agreed to go together to the showcase venue. These girls are so nice and are really the "professional" fans. They have those little banners with them that they sold before the showcase, of which I think they are selling pretty cheap. The material and printing is of high quality and they need these sales to support their FC activities. It's not cheap chasing stalking your idol overseas, you know.

I guess. I pretty much understand now why Hyun Joong has his PERFECT, Young Saeng his Amorino, Kyu Jong his HeStory, Jung Min his PHeromin and Hyung Jun his Pretty Boy. There are a few more but I am just siting the most famous and prominent ones. As much as you can see some animosity between each group - of course there will be contentions about "my fave is better than your fave" - they were made to exist so that every member has his own support. It is evident during this fanmeet with Hyung Jun in Singapore. You can see the sparkle in his eye when DJ Ah Ken mentioned that some fans came all the way from Korea to be there with him.

Credits to Pretty Boy + Baidu

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