[25/08] "The First Love Story" Making DVD Sales

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I have completely forgotten to post this bit of info. It's not too late anyway. So here is another way to spend your hard-earned money. Aigoo... what a marketing genius! They always do it this way, release the DVD, then show release the behind-the-scenes later on a separate DVD. Western entertainment just throw in the BTS as freebies. 

Credits to kim-hyunjoong.com + (English translation) miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

Full of treasured footages, NG scenes at Bali and Lake Hamana.
Original 12piece set postcards included!
First Pre-Order Period: 4th September 18:00 ~ 30th September 18:00
First Pre-Order Premium: 1 Kim Hyun Joong Live Photo as present
Price: 3,990yen (tax included)
- Scheduled on sales in late December/1 DVD (around 60mins) / Only Japanese subtitles / Region code ALL
- Details of the Making DVD and Pre-Order method will be put up on the website later.

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