[04/09] HnB company opens

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Okay, my hints on the previous post were right on the money. I can't wait!

Credits to KiBum@Twitter

Hello everyone~
It's the d-day, Sep 4th, 2010.
We finally opened our website HnBcompany.com. HnBcompany (standing for Hyungjun and Kibum) will focus on Character Development and Entertainment Business in Korea. Not only focusing on Piro Piro, the character business, the HnBcompany will also act as the global agency for the singers and entertainers.

We promise you that we will provide you pleasure and happiness with lots of upcoming events.

HnBcompany.com on Sep 4th! The opening of PiroPiro.com on Sep 5th!

Furthermore, you will get the chance to experience characterized fancy goods at the end of September. You won't be disappointed!

Thank you.

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