[19/02] SS501 members left short messages on RoyalAve

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Members of SS501 left message/reply on RoyalAve.com FreeTalk ^^ on Jung Min's short message

Royal Avenue, be a big hit!!!!!!
Korean to English translation by violet / liezle' blog

Park Jung Min DATE ( 2010-02-20 13:38:07 ) │ HIT 11

Royal Avenue, be a big hit!!!!!!

Kim Hyun Joong.......Hit the jackpot, Jungmina 2010/02/20 13:39

Kim Hyung Joon.........Eu heu heu heu heu(baby's unique laughter)Park Jung Min, Hi? kk 2010/02/20 13:39

Kim Kyu Jong......... I will buy a lot. Hee Hee^^ 2010/02/20 13:41

Heo Young Saeng......... Work hard!! 2010/02/20 13:41


Below is the original message

지금 로얄 애비뉴에 오빠들이 정민오빠 글아래 댓글 달아요~!!!

NAME 박정민 DATE ( 2010-02-20 13:38:07 ) │ HIT 11


김현중 대박나라정민아 2010/02/20 13:39 [kim hyun joong]

김형준 으흐흐흐흐박정민안녕?ㅋㅋ 2010/02/20 13:39 [kim hyung joon]

김규종 내가많이사줄께 히히^^ 2010/02/20 13:41 [kim kyu jong]

허영생 열심히!! 2010/02/20 13:41 [heo young saeng]

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