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All his 4 sentences are in exclamations, like my previous entry. kekeke I think he's talking about the royal avenue website, which just opened. I'm pretty sure here's freaking out and nervous about it. 

CEO Park, I love it and the clothes are so nice. Shoes and bags section isn't ready yet and I want to see what they have to offer. I saw one nice clutch in the model's hand and it's skully! 

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Original message:

[정민]지금~!! 2010-02-20 오전 12:11:05

로얄에비뉴 오픈했습니당~!!

아 떨려떨려~!!


여러가지 이벤트도 있어요~~!!♡

English translation:
Credits to (Chinese translation)LOVE小马马@ NO.43Park + (English translation)

Now~!! (20-February-2010, 12:11:05 AM)

Royal Ave has already opened~!!

Ahh nervous nervous~!!

Come to play ne~~!!!

There's also many activities o~!!

His own responses to the message:

Credits to violet @ Liezle's blog
- It's told that there is a terrible lag. Are there pictures?
- Why aren't~~~TT They have to turn out.
- There seems to be problems, will install more quickly.
- Everyone, order please~ I'm still here...kk
- Please join~ Weoi Weoi(Go Go)~~^^ There are many clothes that were not uploaded, will upload everyday
- Being updated because of a lag.
- Being updated because of a lag.
- Available abroad too~^^

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