[16/02] Nam Gyuri, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Ki-woong in a love triangle?

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Remember those fan accounts with photos of Kyu shooting a drama at a hospital? Well, here's the official bit of news about it. It has been rumored that aside from Hyung Jun, other SS501 members Kyu Jong, Jung Min and Young Saeng are to appear in this SuperStar drama project. Kyu Jong's has been shot, now we'll have to wait for Jung Min's and Young Saeng's.

Credits to TV Daily Korea + (Chinese translation) kimkyujong.com.cn + (English translation) OdeDS@SS501ODE.blogspot.com

Nam Gyuri, SS501 Kim Kyu Jong, actor Park Ki-woong has unfolded a triangular relationship as the female and male protagonists of musical dramas.

Three person musical drama project "Super Star" Part 6 "Never Ending Love" protagonists Min Sang-woo (Park Ki-woong), An Kyuri (Nam Kyuri), Choi Jun-su (Kim Kyu Jong) has finished its filming in beginning February.

This drama is located in hospital, it tells the story of a heart diseased patient An Kyuri (Nam Kyuri), doctor Min Sang-woo (Park Ki-woong), brain tumour patient Choi Jun-su (Kim Kyu-jong) the heartfelt and heartbreaking love story of these 3 people, it is a drama of production as long as 50 minutes.

In the drama, Kyuri's childhood friend Sang-woo and her pining love Jun-su whom she met in the hospital, these 3 protagonists are going to unfold their love story along with music peacefully.

Work related personnel has revealed, "Nam Kyuri who is recently becoming more active as an actress inclusive, Park Ki-woong met up with audiences with personalized roles like genius hacker etc, Kim Kyu Jong who was born as a singer is now showing his new side, this has turned into an opportunity to view it all."

On the other hand, this production is from a drama "SuperStar" project of a total of 10 parts, and is part 6 of it. This production is goaled to be broadcasted as the first half of the entire broadcasting.

In "SuperStar" project, besides these 3 people, there is also SS501's Kim Hyung Jun, Junjin, Son Ho-young, Seo Ji-young, An Jae-mo, Shim Eun-jin etc, with a total of 30 participants. Asian-wide exports of this production to countries like Japan, China, South-east Asian countries are planning ahead.

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