SS501 “Persona in Seoul” Feb 28 Encore concert ~ Korean TS supportive action

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Here is an announcement from Korean TripleS on their plan for the Seoul Encore concert on 28 Feb. So if you are going to the concert (like I am kekeke), do take note of the plans for the boys. 

Credits to SS601 + TripleSTW + (English translation)

SS501 Final Encore Concert will coming to the end on February 28
In order to give a special surprise to SS501 members in that night, we gathered all Fans website to announce this notice
In the last six months, we have enjoyed the touching stage performance bought by SS501, now SS501 1st Persona Asia Tour is coming to the end.
In this “Persona in Seoul” Encore concert, we want to gather all of our touch feeling, love, and happiness to give and transfer back to SS501 members.
This event which will be held on the 28th encore concert is discussed, decided and prepared by all fanclubs.
Please pay attention and read carefully for the following details:
In order for this event to success, we need the help and guardian of everyone. ^-^

* The supportive action at the song “Green Pea”
The action will begin at the part when the song goes into the lyric “3, 2, 1, Go~”
Before this moment, please help and enjoy members’ wonderful performance and their charm onstage silently.
After the lyric “3, 2, 1, Go~!”, we all TS will start singing along with our boys.
“3, 2, 1″ = silent
“Go ~!” = begin to sing along
NOW, please shut off the light stick.
Instead of using the light stick to support our boys, let’s bring out all of our cellphone.
Open the light function of your cellphone or use the screen light of the cellphone as the light source.
Use it to light up the stadium.

At last, during the concert, please be cooperated and don’t use your cellphone for photographing or video recording.
In any open exhibition or concert, cellphone is not allowed to be used.
However, because of this supportive event, the management company specially approved us to bring and use our cellphone.
So please be a good TS and please be in compliance with regulations.
The content of this event is given special permission from Asia Tour management company MAYS ENTERTAINMENT and SS501 management company DSP.
This event is not mandatory.
However, all fans who choose to join this event should be voluntary and agree with the above regulations.

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