SS501 Interview in a local Thailand TV show

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Leader mentioned that he is filming a drama. In the concert, someone said it was a film, I guess somehow it was lost in translation. Film or drama, we'd still look forward to it.

start at 0:44

Host: Each one of you has come to Thailand more than once already. For this visit, how do you feel?

Hyun Joong: feel happy and peculiar to come to Thailand and face hot weather. Like the weather here because Korea is very cold.

Host: First time having concert in Thailand with the name First Asia Tour Persona in Bangkok. How is this concert?

Hyung Jun: This concert is the concert that especially prepared for Thai fans. Especially JM, he has prepared a special song for Thai fans.

Host: SS501, each of you, besides being a famous singer, also have different talents. Some of you are actors, some of you are in other entertainment fields, what are they (as in what other fields are they in)?

Jung Min: working behind the music scene because I like to compose songs myself, acting in drama, and the latest being the CEO of a shopping website in Korea.

Young Saeng: working in the music industry, sometimes compose songs, sing soundtracks of dramas or movies

Hyun Joong: after acting in Boys Over Flowers, now please wait because there will be new works in both drama and music. For now when there are free times, I will travel to places.

Host: Does he know that the drama that he was in, Boys Over Flowers, is very famous is Thailand and just finished showing on Channel 7. How do you feel that Thai fans really really like the drama that he played?

Hyun Joong: Coming this time let me know that this drama is very popular in Thailand, because, in Korea, this drama has already finished about last year. I would like to thank the Thai fans that like this drama. I would like to ask for them to wait and support my next drama.

Host: The personality in the drama that are rich and arrogant, is that like the real you?

Hyun Joong: Not the same. Because normally I'm more merry than that and more importantly I'm not that rich.

Hyung Jun: Another job that I really like beside singing is now I get to try being a DJ for a radio show, get to talk to the listeners, including inviting them to play games with us.

Kyu Jong: I'm acting in a drama. Please support. Because in this drama I have to change my characters to fit the role.

Host: Asking all 5 of you, among the 5 of you, who is the most handsome? Each of you can vote for one.

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