[18/02] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, “Become a Progamer” ratings reach the national record of 1.092%!

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MBC GAME channel recently popular hit live entertainment “SS501 Hyung Jun, Become a Progamer”, Hero Kim Hyung-jun’s “infinite affinity” not only captured the hearts of the audience but also shows the ratings over Cable TV’s DABAK ratings ceiling.

As noted above GAME television since its inception, except live game show PRO LEG, MSL programs, the highest ratings of non-live games show’s benchmark is around 1% and this program has recorded over the good results of this benchmark. This is equivalent to a counter-attack for the saying that GAME television programs other live games are difficult to evaluate the success. Internal relevant personnel also evaluate this as a re-lighting of the possibility of live entertainment and also a result of the further escalation of the GAME program.

According to the professional ratings investigation of TNS survey, This program broadcasted by MBC GAME on the 17th (Wed) reached a national average rate of 1.029 percent viewership (share of 4.18%), The viewership of Male average 13-25 years old’s benchmark rate was 2.208% (share 30.48%), on behalf of the country 10th male generation as the benchmark, then the ratings was 2.445% (share 29.08%), Compared to the national 10th male and female generation, they reach for the benchmark 1.380 percent (share 15.02%), including the ground-wave (KBS MBC SBS, etc.) ratings at the same time is at the first place.

In episode 4 which aired on the 17th, Kim Hyung-jun continue to use the super-affinity throughout the entire program. In the SK TELECOM dormitory, he is like the Happy viruses, which made teammate Yao Ren, coach Lee Woon-Jae and all players are very happy. He broadcasted with Seo Gyeong Jong in radio show. He also have made a rice cake soup for MBCGAME HERO team players. Hyung Jun’s unlimited affinity with the program forward, has been continuing to get stronger.

Especially at 16:30, the moment he and players Seo Gyeong Jong in the open broadcast of SBS program as the benchmark in a national men 13-25 reached the highest rating 3.299% and the instantaneous maximum share of 62.01%, including the ground-wave reached the first to voice the arrogance.

The story of IDOL singer’s challenges for professional gamers as the main content of this program, people are now beginning to look forward toKim Hyung-jun’s Super affinity and his don’t know “what is bad break,” in next time.

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