[24/10] Kim Hyung Jun Complains that Kim Hyun Joong Pull Pranks on Him Like A Mad Person

Credits to The China Times + (English translation) Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)

Idol Group SS501 Kim Hyung Jun came to Taiwan on 23rd to complain, jokingly said that members are all going into solo careers, although he feels lonesome, but he is happy that he no longer has to be bullied, “I’m the Magnae, everyone loves to bully me, especially Kim Hyun Joong, (doing it) like a mad person.”

Soft Tender Looks, Wants to Act as A Baddie
With a handsome outer appearance and soft tender looks, resembling a “gigolo”, he is always being pranked in the group, “Kim Hyun Joong is always calling me Baby on the stage, or he would pull my pants down, or fool around wearing a towel with my face imprinted on it on his head. He is that crazy.” Although he may get upset at times, but after having meals together, everything would go back to normal.

Enduring all these bullying, he has now started his solo activities, and hopes to have a chance to act as a baddie, or a role that is manlier, with a condition of having action scenes, “I am already prepared to fight in order to release the many years of pent-up anger, haha”

Good looking Genes, Not Afraid of Comparison
Mother who is a model, has passed down all her exquisite genes to him and his brother, Ki Bum, who is also a singer. The muddle-headed him smilingly stated that they are normally pre-occupied with their own stuff, he only realized (that Ki Bum is having a comeback) when Ki Bum has officially released a new CD.

Whether he is worried that his brother’s group, U-KISS, would surpass him? He replied calmly that, “It is true that they are very popular, but compared to me, they are quite a distance away.”

From this interview, does our Maknae sound like he is complaining? I think it is how the reporters phrased his sentences. I do get the feeling that Baby is reminiscing and is missing his hyung.

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  1. I saw this blog posting @ tweet and was suprised by the wording in the news threads. who translated this into english? Many words seem to me not properly phrased & translated. Is it the way how the journalist paraphrased his interview? Well..I dont think maknae complains about his time in ss501. No more than that. lol