[26/10] Revealing Kim Hyung Jun Taiwan Fanmeeting video, “Touched by Passionate Love”

Credits to TV Daily + (English translation) Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)

Group SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun first Taiwan Fan Meeting actual scenes will be revealed.

Kim Hyung Jun held his [I AM SS501 Kim Hyung Jun! Taipei International Fan Meeting] on the 24th at the Taiwan NUS Sports Center.

On that day, thousands of SS501 and Kim Hyung Jun fans arrived at the venue and attended the event. Taiwanese fans gave their enthusaistic cheers to Hyung Jun who was performing on stage, and also showed good response by laughed merrily at the Korean jokes Hyung Jun prepared, demonstrating the great power of Hallyu wave.

Kim Hyung Jun also performed a sexy performance with a beautiful woman, showing another charming side that is different from the usual image of Kim Hyung Jun. Fans who were in awe of Hyung Jun’s brilliant performance also chanted Kim Hyung Jun’s name in unison loudly, thereby heating up the whole atmosphere.

Taiwanese fans also prepared a gift for Kim Hyung Jun, and Kim Hyung Jun was touched to tears and was lost for words upon receiving the unexpected gift. He expressed his gratitude by saying “I’m very thankful for the continuous love you are showering upon me despite the fact that SS501 is on a long activity break.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun has been chosen to be the male lead in the musical ‘Café In’, on the 24th next month, he will rise as an actor on stage at Seoul Samseong-dong Baekam Art Hall.

Credits to TVDaily.co.kr + 3kimheopark4Jangki

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