[24/10] Kim Hyung Jun Holds Fan Meeting in Taipei, Confirms SS501 Next Year Release Album Together

Credits to Net Ease Entertainment (网易娱乐) + (English translation) Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)

NetEase Entertainment Reporting on 24 October: Korean Group SS501 Kim Hyung Jun confirmed the rumors of “SS501 next year will release album together and hold concerts” when he arrived in Taipei. He said, “Did discuss about this matter when I met up with members privately, should be early next year, because currently it is difficult to synchronize our time.”

First time coming to Taiwan as a solo artiste, Kim Hyung Jun said, “Very nervous to be coming alone, but this is a good opportunity.” Talking about the roles he wishes to act in, he smilingly stated, “Want to act as baddie, because I look too kind; Magnae is always being described as cute, like a child, so wish to be able to challenge a more diverse role.” Kim Hyung Jun is very confident of his own kungfu skills, jokingly said, “I’m always tolerating it, I really wish to hit Hyun Joong, he is always calling me Baby on stage, and even pulled down my pants, so have to scold him more since he isn’t around”

Here are more photos taken from different Taiwan News agencies.

Credits to UDN.com, Yahoo News, Libery Times, China Times + Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)


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