[30/06] Announcement from “Triple S Japan” regarding Membership

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We all know there are only three official Triple S Fans Club: Korean, Japanese and Thai. This bit of notice irked some Japanese Triple S members. This sound like DSP is trying to stop TripleS from growing and it's on the verge of being dissolved. For me, it was such an insensitive notice.   

Credits to DSP Japan + (English Translation) miyo@lovekimhyunjoong.com

On 29th June 2010, KEYEAST has announced that Kim Hyun Joong (Leader) has signed on with them.
In regards to SS501’s activities. Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min and Hyung Joon (Maknae) activities are still in the midst of negotiation. Before the release of official announcement, we think the Official Fanclub “Triple S Japan” will not be enough to support properly so we have plans indicated below for those who are renewing their membership or applying for membership.

【30th June For valid membership members (Membership validity from 30th June 2010 onwards)】
Till the official announcement for SS501’s future activties, we will extend 1 month free for all members, those currently with ID (membership no.) will still be able to login with their registered password. There is no need to make any payments during this period.
We will do this extension within a few days and will inform when we have done, please wait patiently.
Please login to the members page after the extension has been completed to check on the exipry date of your membership.
Membership Validity Period : 30th June 2010 → 31st July 2010

【Application of New Membership】
Till the official announcement of SS501’s future activities, we will stop accepting new membership applications.
For those who have made payment for the new application at this point of time, we will extend the validity period accordingly.

【For those membership expiring on 30th April and 31st May (Dormant Period) 】
Till the official announcements of SS501’s future activities, during this dormant period we will stop accepting any payments for renewal.
At the point if the renewal opens, new extension period will be given and if renewal is done during that period, members can continue use their current membership number. (More details will be given once the renewal opens).

Here's another related notice for official TripleS Japan.

Credits to DSP Japan + (English Translation) Hiromi@Twitter

SS501 OFFICIAL FC Triple S Japan, sent newsletter vol.3

We sent SS501 OFFICIAL FC “Triple S Japan” newsletter vol.3 on 30th June.
Newsletter will arrive to following people.

Members: 30th June For valid membership members
New Members: people who paid entrance fee till 20th June
* Didn't sent to who paid after 21th June.

If u won't receive after 16th July, inquire to us 12th-16th July with mail form on Triple S Japan with [member no, name, address]
If u'll inquire after inquire period, we won't send u because stock of the newspaper, so please make sure to inquire while inquire period.

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  1. OMG! this sends shivers to my body. what are they doing to ss501 and triple s? i cant believe this is happening. triple s are all doing their best to support the boys but dsp seems to hinder people from doing so. so dissapointing and it just gives all triple s a heartache. dont know who/what to believe in. lets all pray for the 4 boys who are left hanging out in the cold. as for leader, we all know he's in good hands and i can see a bright future ahead of him. ss501 fighting!