[26/05] Jung Min and Hyung Jun posts at Warner Music Group's Plurk site

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The boys made the post before preparing for the actual awards.

Credits to Warner Music's Plurk + myo@SS601 + (English translation) Josie@501wangja.multiply.com
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"How is everyone?? We are SS501 Jung Min, Hyung Jun.

We have just finished our interview in the Hotel Room.. Now leaving to meet everyone.

Taiwan Green Pea Princesses hang in there!!! see you later~~~ ^^

Update: I'm including updates from the Warner Music's website
Credits to 米允Ha@baidu & Warner's Music + (English translation) Josie@501wangja.multiply.com

Taiwan Green Pea Princesses please pay attention~ Little Warner will be going to the airport to welcome our Park Mal & Maknae Hyung Jun.. Please pay attention to my updates o~

Little Warner has already arrived at the airport.. So many people~

Alot of people are holding something like stickers/plycards congratulating SS501's 5th Anniverssary

Alot of Green Pea Princesses are holding Green Pea Balloons welcoming them

Just now when Jung Min & Hyung Jun came out, the whole airport was shouting SS501 SS501, really shocking

And when the TS offered flowers to Jung Min & Hyung Jun, they accepted the flowers happily ^ ^

Today Hyung Jun wore shades, dark colored t-shirt.. Park Mal also work black t-shirt and jeans.. very handsome!!!

Good morning everyone.. now Park Jung Min & Kim Hyung Jun has already woken up and eaten their lunch and now applying make up..

Do you wana guess what the two of them had for lunch?? XDDD

Answer Answer: They had their lunch in the Hotel, ordered Spaghetti, sandwiches, fried rice and watermelon juice etc, besides that Little Warner also prepared Ding Tai Fung's xiao long bao, prawns dumpling, vegetables dumplings, red bean, yam xiao long bal for them oo ^ ^

Park Jung Min just came in and said Good Morning in Chinese~

Oh.. Hyung Jun & Jung Min were not concentrating during the interview.. they were playing with the flowerpot in between them XDD

Jung Min and Hyung Jun were being interviewed by TTV oh~~ They were dressed very handsomely ^^

All the TS quickly get ready.. Jung Min & Hyung Jun will come and post something alter!! Little Warner didnt lie to you oh!!

Soon Soon, in a few minutes they will come lo!!

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