Updates on Hyun Joong's activities at KE

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Here's an update from my Unnie regarding wuri Hyun Joong and his current situation at Keyeast. I told somebody the other day what could be the main point that Leader chose Keyeast is the possibility that he is given more freedom. This is the brightest, happiest news we could ever hear at this point in time. So TripleS, remember what Leader said at that X-Concert? No matter what rumours you hear, you just have to believe in them. Believe that there will be a 50th anniversary for SS501. They may get to keep their band's name or have a rebirth under another but they will be 5 forever as 1.

Credits to HappieBB@lovekimhyunjoong.com.

the pink princess has tried to contact keyeast, and her 'cute new friend' from keyeast has shared that they've got lots of calls from that day and are still getting lots of calls now.
But he said they really can't explain everything about KHJ and related isues.
truth is most of the staff don't really know the details anyway.

he did mention that there's some 'trouble' with some fans
coz they're really worried and anxious as they really want the five to stay as SS501.
then he also told me it's undecided and unconfirmed now,
various parties are involved, and it's up to these parties to choose and decide.
he mentioned that the keyeast team will respect wuri hyun joong's choice.

he also said to check the keyeast homepage often
as wuri hyun joong's schedule and new (work) direction will be updated there.

hee, he also said the weather's so so hot in Seoul today ^^

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