Conversation between KeyEast Receptionist and Korean TS

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Here is a transcription of a telephone exchange between a Korean fan and the receptionist from Keyeast. Did this ever happen? We don't know. But a good point was raised by the Chinese fans on how come a receptionist knows so much. Again, read this with pinches of salt and I'd throw in some dashes of vinegar, yah?

No one can truly very whether this happened or not or it was just wishful thinking of somebody who posted it in SS601. Let me just remind you: DON'T BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING YOU SEE IN THE INTERNET. Unless, you went to your bank's IB site and it says you owe them $$$ or it suddenly displayed that you have a million dollars on your savings account. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

For now, anything you read regarding the contract,take them in with grains of salt. Unless, it's an official release from an Agency (DSP, Keyeast or any another agency).

Credits to SS601 + (Chinese translation) tkdska @金贤重中文网 HYUNJOONGCHINA + (English translation)

Recep: Hello, how are you?

Fan: Err... Heard that Hyun Joong oppa has strongly requested for SS501 activities,
in that case, how long will the period of his solo activity be?

Recep: Ah... although that has not yet been decided,
but Hyun oong has been talking about SS501 matters
right from the start from the time he's signed the contract....

Fan: Ahhh... So (would Keyeast) be signing the remaining four members too?

Recep: Hyun Joong seems to be thinking along this line,
and they're now discussing about this matter.
The four members are now on vacation resting,
so cannot really confirm the schedule for the coming days.
Although we too cannot be sure,
but once the discussion has been concluded,
it's possible that we will sign the remaining four members.

Fan: Even if (Keyeast) didn't sign with the other four,
would Hyun Joong be able to continue with SS501 activities?

Recep: Our contract (with him) clearly states that
we will actively complement and work with SS501.
When there are SS501 activities, we will also let Hyun Joong participate.

Fan: Ahhh, thank you.
Please do not give wuri Hyun Joong oppa too much work; his body is weak.

Recep: Oh, alright~ Thank you.


  1. This is just a conversation with a receptionist.

    I agree that how can a receptionist know such things. :S

  2. right .. and how can receptionist say about contract things with everyone`s calling ? >.<

  3. then how com Key East want to hire the rest of the members, for Lead sake, IT'S management for acting ne?

  4. this one contradicts the other rumour. how can they take in all 4 when 2 of them is suppossedly re-contracted ald? sheesh is someone making these up T_T

  5. oh please....
    a receptionist is not in capacity to answer all of these question. someone is definitely making this up. it's a politic in entertainment business. to make a good image of keyeast, or leader. let's wait and see. time will not only heal. but it will reveal the truth. in the meantime, don't judge anyone please...

  6. these things are supposed to be confidential. so i don't think the receptionist should be talking about the contract with someone OVER THE PHONE.

  7. though i'm going to just take this as grains of salt as you put it, i'm more than willing to call upon my willing suspension of disbelief too. Its a least one of the more beautiful and 'peaceful' rumours going around! :))
    receptionists wont know so many details. oh well :)

  8. HAHA.. sorry this sound like a 'fanfic' to me...
    There is really a lot of rumors going around but really don't believe in them unless it is official statement from SS501 themselves or from their soon to be company... arrachi?

  9. well,, only can wish that this is true.. hihihihi.. pray hard for the best!!!