[03/07] SS501 Park JungMin signs with Taiwan Sony Music, for his Chinese activities

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Credits to Newsen + sookyeong.wordpress.com

SS501 Park JungMin is said to have signed up with Taiwan Sony Music.

An official revealed, “Park JungMin has signed an exclusive contract with Taiwan Sony Music. This was done before Kim HyunJoong moved to Bae YongJoon’s agency Key East.”

It seems that currently Park JungMin is looking at activities in the Chinese entertainment market with the move to sign with Taiwan Sony Music. With news that Park JungMin and Kim HyunJoong will be doing their solo activities, there are great interests as to the future plans for the rest of the members Heo YongSaeng, Kim KyuJong and Kim HyungJoon.

Meanwhile, on SBS Music High radio show, Kim HyungJoon who is the DJ on the show said, “In the future, I will continue DJ-ing”.


  1. JUNG MIN LEFT A MESSAGE ON DSP WEBBY!! he said that this is not true.. he didnt sign with any company YET!

  2. Definitely not true... http://www.balayluntian.info/?p=2531

    And here's a link to the English translation of Jung Min's message at DSP webby