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Mianhe, I'm terribly busy yesterday and this is the reason for the late post. I saw it when then message came out but I have some more urgent matters to attend to. If you follow me on Twitter, you know what it is. Aigoo, I may now know that these boys are feeling right now, but I guess it is good of DSP to still keep them under their wing while they are still fishing around. 

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Annyeonghaseyo? SS501's JungMin here.
Though I have been sending my greetings here often like this, I often wrote it then erased, wrote it then erased...
But in the end I've decided to do away with that thought!!
In this current situation like now, what if my entry causes a huge impact on my members..
I'd thought so like this, but no matter what, if I am to write something at least, it'd be good,
and so I am writing this piece today.

First of all!!
SS501's album promotions this time round has had finally come to a close after Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards.
There were really many people who came to give support.
From Taiwan too, from HongKong too, even from Japan too~, and also from China~~ Our TripleS!!
If the five of us could do a stage together, it would have been really wonderful.. Thought of it like this.
Thank you for having gone down to give support and help~!
(I want to say thank you first.)

Let me begin to start talking with the conclusion,
about the contract issue of us SS501 members,
though of course, there are huge agency companies domestic and foreign waving their hands to us and that's a fact,
but they've all been dismissed.

Also, right at this moment, up until now, I'm not signed on to any agency companies and not leaving for any places,
although there are many invitations coming from everywhere, I've not had replied to them as of now.
After discussing with our members then I'll give a reply... That will be the circumstance where I'll only give replies.

If I were to sign on to any contract, I will let all of you know officially.
(Before I make any contract signings, all our administration will be done under DSP..!)

Eum...Before this time's promo activities ended, there were many meetings held together,
with each of our members, with bosses (inclusive boss' wife) with managers, many discussions held together.
Though the 5 of us are supposed to discuss more amongst ourselves..!
We did so to the appropriate extend.
The future moves problems have of course doubtlessly became an issue on each of our side,
but for the sake of SS501's future persisting activities and albums, concerts to be done with the name of SS501...
I'm referring to our future activities.
Because to have to be singers who must have events is a no-thankyou..!!

Though I still have much more to write...I'll just write this much first.

Actually I was having some late nap, but then I woke up taken aback...TT TT
I was afraid that members would get shocked too, so I gave them calls, but they didn't pick up~~!
Despite so, we'll still be carrying out meetings nonetheless~ Will see you then~~ though so,
Because there have been many upsetting news..At this kind of time..I'm filled with an apologetic heart very much..TT TT

Ah! Also in future too, I'll still continue to come to our homepage,
you'll see me right here^^
Will continue to leave entries often..!!

Credits to SS501.dspenter.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Hello? This is SS501’s JungMin.
Always wanted to say something, but I wrote the message and erased it, wrote and erased..
Finally dragged till today!!
With the situation now, I thought about..if my message were to hurt the other members, what should I do,
In any case, I thought that saying this would be good, so I wrote this message today.

First of all!!
The activities for this album of SS501 ended after Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards.
Really a lot of people came.
In Taiwan, HongKong, Japan~, and even China too~~ Our Triple S!!
I thought.. it is really great if all 5 of us could perform together.
Thank you for coming and supporting us~!
(Firstly, I wanted to say a word of thanks.)

Let me start with the conclusion first,
As SS501, the contracts for all members
Even though it is true that there were offers made from our current company and from other large management companies in Korea,
All of them fell through.

And at the moment I have not signed contract with anyone yet,
Even though I received offers from various companies, I have not replied yet.
I said…I will reply after I discussed with our members. Currently, I have not given a reply yet.

If we were to sign a contract, we will let everyone know officially.
(DSP will be managing us until we sign a contract...!)

Hmm... We had discussion meetings before we ended our activities for this time,
Each and every member had a face to face talk with Madam (Teacher’s wife? not too sure who he's referring to).
Though we should share more conversations among 5 of us..!
Prepared sufficiently and going to do it.
The question on our future, even though I am certain that it has no doubt became a personal question,
Before that, in order for SS501 to continue its activities, SS501’s album and concert, etc...
I am saying about the activities.
Project-based singer is NO THANK YOU..!!

Even though I have a lot more to write... I will just write this much first.
Actually, I was sleeping late but woke up startled... TT TT
I called the members in case they were shocked too, but the phone didn’t get through~~!
Well in any case, let’s continue with the discussion meeting~~ Let’s meet~~ With this going,
Because there will be sad news.. in such an already bad time.. I am full of sorry.. TT TT

Ah! And also, I will continue to come over to the homepage in the future too,
Will be able to continue to see me here ^^
I will leave message often..!!

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