[03/07] Kim Hyun Joong - Hot Clicks @ Entertainment Relay

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Singer and actor Kim HyunJoong's new agency company has expressed their stand with "We will be giving support to Kim HyunJoong's will positively and without hesitation." (what it may be that HyunJoong wants)

On the 3rd July through KBS2 TV's "Entertainment Relay", a phone interview was conducted with his current agency Keyeast personnel.

SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong has signed on to a contract with Bae Yong Joon's company Keyeast last June 29. SS501 has carried out short promotional activities with their new album that lasted for only about 2 weeks, and has now ended.

With Kim HyunJoong's new recruitment into new agency, the future moves of remaining 4 members has of course become an issue to talk about, and SS501's existence has thus aroused about a huge wave of enthusiastic responses. Relating to this, Kim HyunJoong's new agency Keyeast said, "Kim HyunJoong still wants to carry out group activities. No matter what kind of decision will be made, we will give our positive support to his wills, even if in the case of carrying out group activities, we will not hesitate to render full support".

On the other hand, SS501 Park JungMin was rumoured to have signed on with foreign company Sony Taiwan, to this, he's stated his stand, "Right until now, I have not signed up with any companies. I will only give my reply after further discussion with my members, and when I'm done with signing on to any new contracts, I will officially inform everyone personally".

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