[04/07] DSP Personnel Interview Update

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After SS501's leader Kim HyunJoong's official recruitment into Bae Yong Joon's agency company last June 29, the future moves of the remaining members are gradually beginning to shed some light.

SS501's agency company DSP Media who was initially in a state of keeping reservations to their statements regarding the remaining 4 members' future moves has recently made a revelation that one of the members out of the remaining 4 will not be re-signing onto DSP but instead another agency company, and with this, it seems like one by one scattered around is slowly beginning to become a fact.

A related personnel has revealed on the 4th, "The members are in a state of dilemma and worrying with regards to having to move to various agency companies. Even if SS501 will carry out activities together, no matter what, the members do not wish to be separated apart", stating their factual views on this.

Prior to this, Park JungMin who was rumoured to have signed on with another foreign company has made a statement by himself on 3rd July that "Though it's true that there are many huge agency companies foreign and domestic waving their hands to us, but we are still under current agency DSP, and so its been dismissed. I do have many invitations from various companies, but up until now, I have not signed on with any company nor contracts, after I've discussed with my members, only then will I give an official statement".

Another personnel has said, "In a while's time, an official decision made for the remaining members will be out. However in any such cases, possibilities of each of them carrying out solo movement will also not be ruled out".

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  1. believe in their togetherness n solid brotherhood forever no matter what.
    will keep standing strong w/ 5 of em always.
    thnx 4 sharing