TS Japan Official Booklet - Q&A 2010 SPRING - Kim Hyun Joong (Leader)

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Q. How do you feel about the Budoukan concert?
A: I’m very happy that I’m able to fulfill one of the things that I wanted to do ever since entering Japan.

Q. Having been to many countries for your Asia tour, give us an episode that happened in each country.
A: At Hong Kong, Jung Min lost Hyun Joong’s wallet which contain 20 million won. Frustrating..

Q. Out of all the events, concerts held in Japan, which place left the most memorable memory?
A: Budoukan.

Q. Of all the live concerts that you have seen, which artiste’s concert would you like to see again? Please also say how you feel at that time.
A: None. I would like to meet James Blunt.

Q. Out of all the MV, which is the one that you like most?
A: Love like this

Q. Till now, what is the most happiest present that you have received?
A: Chicken leg

Q. Where would you recommend to visit in Korea? (Tourist attraction, shop etc also OK!)
A: Jaksal Chicken… ㅋㅋㅋ

Q. Any Japanese artiste, actor, comedians that you like or find interesting?
A: I like Takeuchi Yuko and Oguri Shun.

Q. What is your favourite Japanese manga?
A: One piece, naruto. Berserk

Q. You have mentioned that you will definitely eat Gyudon (Beef bowl) when you visit Japan, any other food that you also like?
A: Soba

Q. What is it that you definitely will buy in Japan to bring back home?
A: Hiyoko from duty free shop.

Q. If you have the chance to stay in Japan again, where would you like to stay at?
A: Sapporo

Q. If there’s a long break, what would you like to do?
A: I would like to go and have fun at a resort.

Q. If you have a day to be one of the other members, who would it be and what would you like to do?
A: No one

Q. If you have a day to become a gal, what would you like to do?
A: I would want to meet a guy.

Q. Where would you want to visit in Japan?
A: Okinawa

Q. What genre music would you like to challenge? What is the reason?
A: At the moment, don’t have.

Q. Other that working, what is thing that you are most interested in now? (Something that you are into recently also OK!)
A: Travelling.

Q. What kind of man would you like to become after 20 years later?
A: A good papa.

Q. What activities would you want to try out in future?
A: To reach out more as an Asia star. To gather fans from around the world and hold a concert.

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