[07/07] Fans ‘Flooded with Tears’ on SS501 Undisclosed Video MV

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Credits to Consumer Times Internet News + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

The release of SS501’s music video filled with undisclosed videos since their debut till date has become a hot topic.

DSP Media revealed on 7-Jul, “Because of SS501’s short album activities, we thought that many fans would be sad so we release this music video that consists of the full story of undisclosed videos of them from debut days to recent activities.”

This music video comes in form as the making for ballad song ‘Let Me Be The One’, which is included in their album ‘Destination’.

Currently, SS501’s contracts with DSP has ended and leader Kim HyunJoong has moved over to Bae YongJoon’s company Key East. In the midst of rumors about disbanding, the fans cannot hide their sadness upon the release of this music video.

In a fan board in one of the website that released the music video, “I’m crying but It’s not like I can’t see them again”, “There are still videos from that time, I only felt like fainting”, “Everything has become memories, scary”, and other comments showed the uneasiness of SS501 fans.

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