[22/05] Fresh TS Fan Account from Dream Concert

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It was very windy and I felt shivering. So I left the venue of concert as soon as the first part of concert finished. I'm exhausted now. I think I got a cold. Unfortunately my camera didn't work so I gave up to bring it. Come on OLYMPUS!!! I just took only a few photos with my mobile phone.

Many TripleS are singing SS501's songs to cheer for our boys while waiting for starting the concert. It was very fun and exciting.

This is the moment what I've been waiting for!!!!!
Sorry for photo shaking. I got crazy when they came out.
Frankly speaking, I didn't expect they would appear so soon.
It was quite earlier than I thought.
Anyway It was wonderful to listen their song with many TripleS.
Their new song "Let me be the one" is fabulous, fascinating, magnificent, awesome, astonishing &...what else? hum... absolutly fantastic!!!!
I really really love their new song "Let me be the one"!!!
I'm sure you'll be mesmerized by that song when you hear it.

Oh, I forgot to mention this.
Hyun Joong said to fans "We are very sorry for album delay." and all TripleS at concert shouted out "It's OK! It's OK!".
Also I've heard our boys cried after their performance cause they felt sorry for album delay. Don't cry my boys! It's not your fault. Don't forget you are always THE BEST.
You are one and only for us.

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