Triple S worries how will the host in Taiwan interview SS501

English Translation:

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The Hosting of the Golden Melody Awards Taiwan Television, has issued that SS501 will be invited to perform and at the presentation. SS501 fans appears at Taiwan Televisions’s official website to show their worrisome. They are worried that host Little S will be too OVER on making strange question or body touching with SS501.

Recently, WONDER GIRLS went to Taiwan recording TV show “Kang Xi is coming”, Little S questioned about their first night, made fans feel annoy. SS501′s fans also fear that “HOW” will Little S do to the five handsome guy, so they all go online to leave message on TTV website, hope they can remind Little S to control a bit.

General manager of TTV Liu Lihui said, “SS501 will be staged at the Golden Melody Awards to sing a Chinese song, Little S is a smart girl, on different occasions, will have different method to control the show”"Do not give her too much pressure, let her do what she will do is fine. And Taiwan TV will not restrict her and give her any pressure.”


  1. when I first heard the news that samll S will be hosting, I was worried, but now, thinking about it, I shouldnt, I'm sure the boys will be able to handle it well. If the boys will to attend her kangxi lai le show, they properly cant avoid her "molesting" but I am sure they can out talk her...!!!

  2. @marydewitt Yes, I think SS501 boys can be very quick on their toes and can be very witty with their talk and responses. Just throw in Jung Min (kekeke)