SS501 Almost done with their new album

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5 member idol group SS501 will be making their comeback later this month, SS501 will be expected to make a big comeback.

SS501's agency DSP media said on the 18th, They have been preparing for the album for months and they are already wrapping up recordings the songs for the mini album.

All 5 members are now working hard finishing the recording of the new songs and hopefully everything will be finished by Friday this week.

Also, there has been a lot of rumors about the contract of Kim Hyun Joong which will be expiring by June, a lot of rumors has been set on the next move of the idol star, but officials said, despite his contract's end, his activities with SS501 will continue.

The official said, "we have disclosed all rumors and right now all SS501 members are participating and working hard for their new album. I hope the fans will appreciate all their hard work".

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