[18/05] SS501 Continuing with their Activities

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Why is SS501 Continuing with their Activities
Even After Their Contract Ends on 7th June?

Come 7th June, the five-men group SS501 who has been plagued with disbanding rumors will see their contracts with the existing agency come to full term. According to hearsay, the members have reached an understanding with the company and will continue with their activities all the way till end June.

Their new mini album is set to be released on 28th May and they are preparing to carry out a series of (promo) activities. All the members' contracts, including Kim Hyun Joongs', are nearing expiry. Although the contracts will come to an end on 7th June, it is said that the members have agreed unanimously to carry on with the activities relating to the new album all the way till the end of June.

In particular, all eyes are on Kim Hyun Joong who has enjoyed much popularity due to Boys Over Flowers, fans' hearts and sentiments also sway according to whether or not he is staying or leaving. Even within the kpop industry, there's talk that there's could be a certain unusual air surrounding the activities of this SS501 album.

Regarding this issue, a manager from DSP, the agency SS501 is under, said, "Kim Hyun Joong and the members hold the same view that whether or not they renew their contract is a separate issue,
for now, everyone is in agreement that they will carry out activities till end of June. The activities for the new album will carry on as per normal, there will not be any problem at all."
He further clarified, "We will also compensate them in some other way after the expiry of the contract on 7th June, we've already achieved mutual understanding regarding this issue."

The reason why SS501 has decided to carry on with their activities despite the expiry of their contract is because of their promise to their fans. They had concentrated mostly on overseas activities last year and they had told their Korean fans at the end of last year, "For the activities of the new album, we will make special consideration for the fans in Korea, specially for you." In addition, they too did not wish to hurt the company that has taken care of them for the past five years, there is much significance and implicit consideration embodied in their relationship.

At present, recording work is nearing completion, and they will be filming their MV at Gyeonggi-do on 19th May, and it is expected that the new album will be released on 28th. Activities for the new album will commence at the KBS 2TV's Music Bank from 6th June, and this will kickoff a series of activities lasting three weeks. For a start, they will also be appearing at the Dream Concert at Sangam-dong, Seoul.

On the side, it is said that Kim Hyun Joong had a car vehicle near his residence in Jamsil on the night of 12th May. His ribs are hurt and he also suffered some bruises; he is expected to recover in two weeks' time. Pertinent to this accident, a spokesperson from DSP said that it will not affect the activities that will follow.

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