[20/05] Updates on Royal Avenue and Lapin Carrot

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Credits to Royal Avenue + Lapin Carrot

Would you buy from the store if you see the CEO's photo plastered on it? Yes, I would. This simply shows how Jung Min believes in the products that he is selling and how proud he is of this company.

Do you remember that post last 18th of May when Jung Min went to a pet shop to buy Royal Avenue's mascot? Yes, he wanted to buy a rabbit but since they were there too early and the store is still close, he wasn't able to buy one. Well, the second time was a charm and he managed to purchase not just one but RABBITS. Imagine that... rabbits... give 3 or 4 months and there'd be more hopping rabbits in Royal Avenue.

Credits to (Chinese translation)翻译:LOVE小马马@NO. 43Park + (English translation) Josie@501wangja.multiply.com

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