DSP released a notice regarding the comeback and Hyun Joong's accident

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Why does this always happens? every time the boys will be doing a comeback oppa Hyun Joong gets into physical trouble... like last years comeback for Rebirth. he got swine flu.. then now an accident! T.T

Hello This is DSP media.

Schedule: May 22, 2010 19:00 ~
Venue: Sangam World Cup Stadium

I already know many of you thinking about the appearance of SS501 in ‘Love the Republic of Korea 2010 Dream Concert’

Members of five people Is thought to have the opportunity to find ~ Power from the big ~ stage for a long time!!

Many people come and shine SS501 stage Please join us Cheer us!!

In The Dream Concert will release the Ballad “Let Me Be The One” in the album and Original song “Only One day” of the stage show is planned.

Originally is going to releases the title track of the album but, due to Leader Kim Hyun Joong’s minor accident, Choreograph would be hard to make in the show from judgement.

The accident Kim Hyun Joong in the present with the acquaintance together while moving in car crash accident has been diagnosed with ribs bruises and put him in abrasions displaced for 2 weeks during the current recovery .

Fortunately, not a big accident and improved a lot now.

Although the title song on the album, not releases in Dream Concert but with SS501 mark ballad musics which are recorded with secret process.

Is a great opportunity to listen to new songs of SS501 new album!!

More to come on the scene once again shows the strong appearance of green peas please!!

The album will be released at the end of May and is expected to be back in the early June.

For more information on album, I’ll make with further notice! ~

Thank You

[ DSP Media ]

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