SS501 will be featuring a full orchestra on their MV?


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It seems SS501’s upcoming title track may have some Classical music elements to it as it’s been recently made known that the upcoming MV may feature a full orchestra.

Ewha Symphonious Amateur Orchestral Sounds (ESAOS) recently posted a bulletin across Ewha University looking for 25 string instrumental players for an SS501 video. These volunteers will be filmed playing music in the background and the shooting will commence in the evening of May 19th (exact time TBD).

It’s not 100% certain that this footage will be used in the upcoming MV because there was word that SS501 wrapped up filming for the MV last week, so this could be for something else entirely. Some are speculating that this could be for a 2nd version of the MV. In either case, we’ll see soon enough… hopefully sooner than later. Thanks to mira for the tip.

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