[22/05] SS501 Dream Concert news rundown

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SS501 performed a ballad with kim Hyun Joong and apologizes for not being able to perform a new song
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Male group SS501 Leader Kim Hyun Joong performed at the Dream Concert despite his injuries.

SS501 performed at the Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul for the 2010 Dream Concert where they appeared live on stage including Kim Hyun Joong who was involved in a car accident last week.

SS501 performed a ballad "Let Us Be the One" and shortly after they finished performing their song they sent out a message to fans and apologized because they have planned to perform a new song (title song) from their new album which was supposed to have been released last May 1 but due to unavoidable circumstances they weren't able to perform a new song and delayed their album release. They strongly said their "sorry" and apologies after their performance.

They also announced that they will resume their activities by June 4.

Their new album was supposed to have been released later this month but due to their leader's car accident where he bruised his ribs, he ad to rest for 2 weeks in order to fully heal the bruises and wounds and they accordingly changed their plans.

SS501 performed a ballad with kim Hyun Joong and apologizes for not being able to perform a new song
Credits to Newsen + Blueprincess824@dailykpopnews

Fans of SS501 sent an ocean of green lights and balloons in support to SS501 during their performance. They supported the group especially Kim Hyun Joong that despite his injuries not being fully healed yet he still went on stage and performed with SS501.

The fans felt the pain of the leader as well as the sacrifice the group had to make and cheered on their favorite idol group. SS501 had to delay the release of their album because Kim Hyun Joong had to rest for 2 weeks, they cannot leave him out.

Fans were touched that even though Kim Hyun Joong was in pain during the performance, he still gave his best and SS501 performed an emotional ballad for their fans since it has been month's since they were able to meet up with their fans.

Credits to joongang korea+OSEN (collated and arranged) + (English translation) ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

Quintet male group SS501's leader KimHyunJoong went on stage along with his injuries
and performed to their ballad track.

SS501 sang a total of 2 songs on the stage of '2010 I love Korea, Dream Concert' at 8.40pm at Seoul Mapo-gu, Sangam Worldcup Gymnasium Stadium, and the 2 songs are already-existing song 'One Only Day' and a ballad track from their new and upcoming album "Let Me Be the One". All of them wore black-toned outfits and stood alongside one another and performed to their ballad tracks in a surrounding of serenity.

After finishing 'Only One Day', SS501's HyunJoong stepped out to talk, "It's been some time. Though we were originally supposed to perform to our title track from our new album for today, but because of inevitable circumstances, we had to pushback our plans for comeback. We want to say sorry to our fans", "However, beginning from next month 4th onwards, we will be starting our activities with new song". Right after which, fans then responded with "It's alright!" deafeningly, hence giving comfort to them.

On the other hand, KimHyunJoong who was involved in a car conflict accident on the night of 12th May at Seoul Jamshil near his home area is undergoing 2 weeks of further observation and is on his way to recovery.

SS501's agency DSP media has said on 22nd may that it was unreasonable for KimHyunJoong to carry out rehearsals with a dance track, so they replaced it with a ballad track instead, and will still carry out their comeback activity schedules as per scheduled.

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