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English Translation:

Aigoo Aigoo!! ^^ Pretties Hello... hee
2010-05-18 11:50:04 PM

It’s been a long time~~
Right!! Thank you for all the concerns to HyunJoong hyung.. hm.. though this is not a happy situation, or rather it is an upsetting situation..
With all the concerns from many of you, HyunJoong hyung will be fine right away!! Isn’t it?^^
Haha~ hm hm we 501.. are diligently in the midst of preparation ^^
We really prepared a lot.
Leading his aching body, leader HyunJoong hyung is also working hard, our YoungSaeng hyung is perspiring profusely and working hard too!
Our horse JungMin is also working even more seriously than usual!
Our magnae HyungJoon plays pranks... ah... what to do with this guy... heeheehee
Just joking~ HyungJoon is more quick-witted than others, so he does radio shows and learns the chorography fast and practices it~~
Now, today it rained ^^ On rainy days, the basement practice room will become damp so it gets stuffy..
When I come out after practice ends, got touched by the rain a little, it feels very refreshing as compared to other rains ^^ hee
Hm Hm.. Living a life and always going on as planned isn’t interesting at all isn’t it? ^^ Sometimes there can be a variable~
That will be interesting.. ^^ Let us put our two hands together and pray together for HyunJoong hyung to recover quickly hee
And put two hands together to pray again for other members not to fall sick ^^!
And put two hands together, I will pray for our pretties not to fall sick..^^
Because it is the foremost important to be healthy always, take care of yourself!
Work hard on the things you are doing! If you spend your time wisely, we!
Jjyan!!!!!!! Will give you a surprise ^^ My heart is beating at the thought of meeting you faster~~
Today is raining and it feels very good.. ^^
When it rains, I will think of our members, our pretty green peas.. ^^ Everyone is like that too right?!! ^^
Hm hm!!
Anyhow anyhow!! I will end here ^^
Bye~~ I will come back right soon again!!

After the rain, my clear sky~~(song lyric)

Credits to SS501.dspenter.com + (English Translation) ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

Aigu Aigu !!^^ Pretties, Annyong...hee
2010-05-18, 11:50:04PM

It's been a long time yo oh~~

By the way!! Thank you for alot of the worries you've had for Hyunjoong-hyung.. mm..
since it isn't a pleasant matter, though you feel sad..
for the fact that everyone of you were worried to the extend, HyunJoong-hyung
will soon be alright!! Right ?^^
Haha~ eumeum, we 501.. Have been in midst of earnest preparations ^^
Has really been preparing alot.
Despite having to move his painful body, leader Hyunjoong-hyung has been working his best too,
our Youngsaeng-hyung too, sweating his sweat out and working his best!
Our horse JungMinie too, has been seriously working alot more than any time at all!
Our maknae HyungJunie has only been playing..Ah... This fella, what to do with him... hhh
Just a joke ne~ HyungJunie, along with his brain that moves faster than the others',
has been doing radio deejaying and also practising and memorizing cheoreography speedily~~
It rained yesterday and today^^ On the day when it rains, it's always very moist and damp
in our basement rehearsing room, and because it's cold, it feels so boring and annoying nyo..
After we finish practising, and if it rains at then, this rain feels more refreshing than the other times
even if it's just a short shower ^^ h
mmmm.. since you live a life, if all you have are plans and you follow after the plannings all the time,
it wouldn't be interesting, isn't it ? ^^
There would be changes often in a while agree~
That is then interesting ..^^ Hyunjoong-hyung will have a speedy recovery soon,
and then pray that all of us will join hands together h
Also, the other members, don't feel hurt, let's combine our hands together,
and pray for it one more time, let us ^^!
Also, our pretties won't feel hurt too, join all of your hands together, and I'll pray for that..^^
Health is of first and foremost priority, that's why you must always take care of your body!
Do well in whatever you have to do ! Spend your time wisely and well, let us!
Will be presenting a surprising "Jjang!!!!!!!!" for you all ^^
To meet faster with you all has been shaking my thoughts~~
Today that has rained was really wonderful..^^
When rain comes, our members and our pretties green peas will begin thinking of it..^^
Everybody too, right?!! ^^
Eum eum!!
anyway anyway!! Will be leaving after writing just this ^^
Annyeong~~ Will come again soon!!

비온뒤 갠 나의 sky ~~
--My clearblue sky after rain~~--

Credits to SS501.dspenter.com + 안녕규♡@SS601 + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

English Translation:

Why call me~~ I was putting meat and stir-frying delicious stir-fried kimchi with my father!!!!
Everyone should sleep early!! Hehehehe
Flood flood, my computer always hangs!! Please line up!!!
I will go off first since my computer always hangs!! ^^ hahaha !!
Our pretties ^^ sleep early~ heehee It’ll be great if we can meet in our dreams too ^^
Love ya love ya love ya ~ ~ ~ one little verse *stop* hee hee
Let me be the one~ *stop* hee hee
Good!!! Have a good performance!! Aja Aja!!
Dream Concert Aja Aja!!
I also received meaningful love for 5 years. Please look after me in the future too ^^ hehehe
Yeah!! Thanks everyone !!!
3rd year high school students!!!! Go and study!! Go go go go!!
I shall end here~~ heh heh ^^ Thank you x 501 Love you x 501… ^^ forever

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