[09/09] Naughty Kiss having a tough fight with its drama ratings

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Playful Kiss that had collated huge amount of anticipation before its broadcast is unable to ignore its tough fight with its drama ratings that doesn't see the ground.

Playful Kiss that aired on September 8 recorded ratings of 3.5% (according to AGB Nilson Media research), and this was in follow to last week's poor ratings.

There is a large reason to why disappointment was as huge as the anticipation for Playful Kiss - who is now battling a tough fight. This manhwa that has already collated about high popularity in Japan and Taiwan is now spun into drama, but it has unsatisfactory elements that lacked from the original manhwa, which caused disappointment for audiences.

In addition, KBS 2TV drama 'Baker king Kim Takgoo' that airs at the same time slot achieved ratings of 43.3%, despite a slight fall in ratings as compared to last week's broadcast, as usual, it reigns the spot for drama ratings.

Some part of Playful Kiss audiences felt that, there was a problem with the storyline. The audiences of 10s generation are the targets this drama is aiming towards. Should the drama had begun its composition/broadcast in July or August during the school vacation period back then, the situation might fare better than now. The re-broadcast of Playful Kiss recorded better ratings than the original broadcast instead, at about 6%.

For a drama like Playful Kiss who is recording such low ratings, even the tv broadcasting personnels cannot hide their bewilderment. A related personnel revealed, "In the situation whereby Wed-Thurs dramas are turning duller day by day, even Jangki is now implicated with low ratings, I seriously felt it to be a pity. There is a need to develop a measurement plan to guard by this tough battle; it's kinda worrying", showing his sadness.

Credits to news.tvreport.co.kr + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

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So far, there hasn't been a drama that's recorded ratings of below 4% this year. -the rest similar in content to the above-

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