[02/09] Korea Windy Company joint hands with popular drama acted by Kim Hyun Joong

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Korea Windy Company's MORPG 'Rusty Hearts' will joint hands with popular Korea Drama 'Naughty Kiss', cooperating in many areas. 'Naughty Kiss' is a newly broadcast drama on 1 Sept, it is edited from popular manga in Japan which has 27 million clicks. Proir to this, Taiwan has also remade it into a drama called 'It started with a Kiss'.

This time, Windy company will cooperate with this drama, using soft insert method. The main actor for the drama is acted by Korea popular idol Kim Hyun Joong (Korean version 'Hana Yori Dango''s Hanazawa Rui's character), the main actor's father will be the CEO of Windy company. At the same time, Windy Company's game will appear in many parts in the drama. This type of soft insert cooperation, is getting more and more popular for the internet gaming market in the recent years.

Some of the game character in 'Rusty Hearts'

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