[08/09] Kim Hyun Joong's Official Korean Site Opens

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Hyun Joong's official site from Keyeast opens today. Currently, the site can't be accessed probably due to heavy traffic. Below is the video of Hyun Joong with his greeting for the opening of his official site. Before its launch, the site was actually reported to have been hacked here. The video which was taken and reposted in YouTube is also available in the link given.

Here's the link: Kim Hyun Joong's Official Korean Site.

Credits to www.hyun-joong.com + 3kimheopark501 + (English translation) ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

Hello, I'm KimHyunjoong. I'm now in the midst of shooting for drama Playful Kiss.
I will deliver the news to you all about the opening of my official homepage here at the set of shooting for drama.
My latest news will be delivered quickly to all of you through my homepage.
So, Everyone please visit the homepage often
The weather's getting colder these days, so do be careful of flu and the cold
Please be happy today too~
This is KimHyunjoong here, Thank you~~~~

Credits to www.hyun-joong.com + Baidu

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