SS501 Park Jung Min is solo as the main character, change to a actor

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Korean Stars and the most popular idol group in the Republic of Korea member Park Jung Min had a big change through his acting in “Human Threater”.

“Human Theater 2010″ starring Park Jung Min is shooting for the first time. The day before shooting, the shooting condition is under the the heavy snow and cold in the largest recorded since over 103 years. However, Park Jung Min running in the snow over his knees, is still full of enthusiasm, he did not show his feeling of hard work, has been praised by the film crew.

In addition, in order to study the script, Park Jung Min has keen in his own series of comic scenes started to talk. Deliberately exaggerated acting made the whole shooting scene full of laugher.

You can see flower boy Park Jung Min changing into homeless person in the first episode of “Human Threater”.

Panic fo the production team1

Even the dirty dirty clothing also did not conceal his handsome appearance!

For the homeless look of Park Jung Min, the production team think he is worthy of the name “Flower beggars.”

Korean stars and who is also the highest popular SS501 member in he Republic of Korea, Park Jung Min changes into the homeless look is open on the January 20, 2010 Wednesday 12:00 MBC’s EVERY 1 “Human Theater 2010″.

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