SS501 Kim HyungJoon as one of the Pro Gamer on Jan 27

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SS501 Kim Hyungjoon is leaving his mic behind and start his new career as he puts his hand on the mouse and be a Pro Gamer!

SS501 youngest member Kim HyungJoon will be featured in cable channel MBC Game’s real variety program “Becoming Pro Gamer” and the show will broadcast his hard effort to be a Pro Gamer in few days ahead!

Kim HyungJoon has done his 1st shooting last week in MBC Game studio at Yeoui-do, he also tried the game under the guidance of MBC Game HERO Director and other Pro Gamers and he even went practice inside MBC Game HERO team practice room and had his gaming skills tested.

Kim HyungJoon,” I always known as the youngest in SS501, and now I want another nickname. I won’t consider this as a hobby yet I will do this seriously. I’ll work hard, “he said.

Meanwhile, the show PD says,”We’ve heard that SS501 Kim HyungJoon and his younger brother U-KISS Kibum are oftenly playing Star Craft yet, this is the first time for him showing his skills”.

Whilst, commentator Han Seungyeop,” We will show how Kim HyungJoon experienced the practice, the challenge, the frustration as a Pro Gamer openly, no filter.”

Catch the episode which featured SS501 Kim HyungJoon as one of the Pro Gamer on Jan 27 – 4:00 pm local time via MBC Game channel.

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