Hyun Joong @ MVIO backstage by High Cut

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We've sent our cheer up messages to Leader. Lashing seemed to have eased down. Hyun Joong is ok now. So let us leave this issue as water under the bridge. After reading about this former president's regime, I can understand where the Koreans are coming from, but then again there are even much worst country leaders than him - that's what I think and feel. Maybe Koreans are not the type of people who could easily forget or not that forgivable, but I can sympathize with their sentiments. It was just they had to do the tongue-lashing on an innocent bystander. There are times that anger can be acceptable but when it was done irrationally, it can do great damages. Sentiments of the mob is so contemptible.

I do hope lessons had been learned. So Leader, please stay away from politicians... okay you can associate yourself with President Park Jung Min. 

Credits to www.highcut.co.kr + SS501UFO.blogspot.com

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