[20/01] SS501 Park Jung Min, turn into actor '1st role is a tramp'

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Popular group SS501 member Park Jung Min started his 1st actor role as 'Flowerly Begger'.

In the newly broadcast MBC Every 1 'Human Theatre 2010', as the main lead, Park Jung Min acted with his superb acting skill. He acted in the story as a person who won 2 million lottery, and from a rich man turning into a tramp.

'Human Theatre 2010' is a remake from the popular program 'Human Theatre' in the 90s. Although the basic structure of having a main actor who changed his life after making a choice remains unchanged, but following by the arrival of year 2010, more emphasis would be on topics which will gain more empathize from the public.

In the 1st broadcast in the 20th, Park Jung Min will turn into the Jung Min in the drama, acting as the lead actor who won the 1st prize lottery and holding on 2 billion won. Especially when met with the choice of whether wanting to hide the winning secretly and owning it alone, or telling people beside him and share the winning, and also suddenly turning into a begger. Jung Min has shown his exceptional acting in the rise and fall in these interlude.

'Human Theatre 2010' staff praised Park Jung Min acting saying: "In the last 5 days of filming, under the weather from the last few days which just have the heaviest snow storm in 103 years, the filming still have to be continued. Park Jung Min walked in the snow covering up till his knees, filming in much difficulties but he had never complained about it at all. Having such a passion and respect in his work, he won everybody's praises."

However, during the role changing, Park Jung Min actually has some anecdoct which caused everybody can't laugh. Jung Min appeared in the tramp styling in his disheveled clothings, however his originally exceptional good outlook doesn't even made looked like a tramp. This made the production team worried while filming the entire episode. After the filming, Park Jung Min received a new nickname 'Flowery Begger' from his working partners.

The looked of 'Flowery boy' Park Jung Min turning into 'Flowery begger' would be revealed in MBC Every1 'Human Theatre 2010' on the 20th night, 12.10am.

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