[ENGSUBBED] Jung Min accepting his Golden Ticket Award

Pls credit the sources and all translators/sites when reposting.

Here's the english subbed video

Credits to Hurmutube2

Here's a video of Jung Min receiving his Golden Ticket award. I will bump this post once the English subs do come out. 

Credits to poohhl

While there's a huge issue going around in Hyun Joong's court, we are having a little mix up in our blog site as well. I need to make a clarification here as it involves a related post.

Well, like I have previously said in my previous post, Hershey and I don't speak or understand Korean nor Chinese nor of any other language than English and our national language (make a guess). I highly doubt that we would ever need to use our 'powers' to translate news from that language to English, as in our nation, news are mostly in English anyway.

I had a huge surprise this morning (apart from seeing another post of Leader's message) - read my account here. In that post containing Hyun Joong's message in www.ss501fighting.wordpress.com, somebody made a comment about an English translation of Jung Min's part in the article I have mentioned in the post showing Jung Min's photos getting the Golden Ticket award. This person actually posted the translation in the comments section and cited us as the source and Liezle's blog. Well, the tip came from Liezle's blog, so I went to the original source which she has mentioned and credited both sites, of course. 

So I guess those people maintaining the site took the commentor's word and posted the translation with a mention of our blogsite. We were actually flattered as we now know that people really do read our blog - even though we don't get any comments (kekeke).  This blogsite is actually often used as a source by many sites - ours included - so the translation actually spread in other sites. We are truly sorry, as much as we wanted to be known as a site to be visited by TripleS, we also do not want to take the credit for something we didn't do.

We do try to gather news, videos, photos and anything that relates to SS501 so that English speaking TripleS has one place to visit for their daily doze of SS501 goodness. We also share scans of magazines, photo albums, pictorial shots from CD sleeves, and of course, the photos from the SS501 iTune apps this Unnie has crazily bought. We also have a series of photos personally taken during the Persona Hong Kong and hopefully we can have another set from the encore concert (whekekekeke).  We DO NOT do translations, unless some kindhearted soul wants to do free volunteer work and do it for us.  

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